WHo we are

DSFABWORX is a operated and owned by Devin Schaetzly.

Based out of Georgia, DSFABWORX offers quality, performance-engineered perfection in their products.

Customers come to us to help them realize their inventions.

This can range from having us build their prototypes to their sketches or drawings, to having us figure out major design elements and/or conduct research and development.

First, we listen to you.

Then, if we believe we can be of assistance, we propose what aspects we believe in which you need our assistance. 


Many of our services are available when you place your order online, but for a few you may need to call in for a quote as noted below:

  • Precision cutting 

  • Precision hole drilling (available through website and request a quote)

  • Sanding



The materials we work with include but are not limited to:

  • Carbon Fiber

  • G-10

  • Acrylic

  • Plexi-Glass

  • Steel

  • Aluminum - anodized

  • Different types of wood