We’re DSFABWORX, a company for all things composites. Customer-centric, solutions-focused and one of the first companies to commodify composites technology, we offer everything from a wide selection of stock products to full-service custom composite products that we engineer, develop, prototype and manufacture.

Our Mission


To make your vision come to life.

We help our customers create great products with an easy-to-buy approach by offering stock products, rapid development, and competitive production. Whether you have a DIY project or a custom component with strict engineering requirements, we’ve got you covered. 



DSFABWORX Custom Keychains!

Choose from our products or request a custom keychain design! Either way we'll get the job done.

RC Chassis & Accessories


Custom RC Chassis, Accessories & Upgrades!



Custom RC Accessories & Upgrades!

Uniquely designed motor plate allows you to mount the ECX Barrage Motor amongst others with reversed mounting holes. 

our customers

In addition to our online store, we work with individuals and companies across industries and provide varying levels of support along the product development process, from concept all the way to production. We can help you find the most economical solution for you, which may be off-the-shelf, custom developed, or some combination of both. We can tell you tell you what our customers think of our services, but we think you should read for yourself!

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